Kingdom of Archolia

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The Monarch

Queen Chalyela (Shal-yē-lah) is an unlikely Queen who has earned her position as monarch in the new kingdom of Archolia through her eloquence, fairness and kindness.  She is determined to rid her kingdom of thieves and bandits, making it safer place for her citizens.

Chapter 2 - The Monarch
The queen is pleased when she finds that her workers have been diligent in securing enough resources for her new clinic.  Now she can focus on maintaining order in her kingdom.

Chapter 3 - The Monarch
The Kingdom of Archolia is slowly growing as Buildmaster Krispin begins work on the new clinic and the town merchants start working on trade agreements with far-a-way kingdoms.

Chapter 4 - The Monarch
Queen Chalyela hires a new advisor and later, pains in her stomach causes her great concern.

The Physician

Chapter 5 - The Physician
Archolia's clinic has been completed.  Bloodletter Gavin arrives and immediately begins to see patients.

Chapter 6 - The Physician
Bloodletter Gavin encounters two patients with illnesses that he is not familiar with.  He seeks out a foreign apothecary who claims to have an instant cure for any ailment.

Chapter 7 - The Physician
Now that Gavin believes the apothecary to be a scammer, he spends time gathering herbs and leeches to come up with his own cure.

Chapter 8 - The Physician
Gavin visits the castle, in need of a drink.  Queen Chalyela is disappointed when she finds out that Gavin has not been able to cure the sick villagers.

Chapter 9 - The Physician
Desperate to find a cure and please the queen, Gavin tries operating on the suffering villages.  Can he finally cure them?

Chapter 10 - The Physician
After the suffering villagers have a violent reaction to Gavin's tonic, he makes a desperate decision. 

Chapter 11 - The Physician
Gavin takes a chance and seeks out the Eastern apothecary once again.  Maybe her cure will actually work?  Gavin is optimistic.

Chapter 12 - The Physician
Gavin wakes the next morning, happy to have great news for the queen.  Just as he predicted, she is thrilled by his news.  Gavin takes a chance by giving her a bold compliment.

Chapter 13 - The Physician
Gavin returns to the well and orders a large shipment of potion, but when he gets back to the clinic, he discovers that he may have made a huge mistake.

Chapter 14 - The Physician
Guided by the Watcher, Gavin tries out his experimental cure on the suffering villagers.  Has he finally found a cure to an illness similar to the one that has haunted him for a decade?

The Peteran Priest

Chapter 15 - The Peteran Priest 
Sister Ermine has suffered from sleepless nights for as long as she can remember.  During a nap, she has a vision of an ancient fountain that may serve as a cure for her insomnia.   Could this be a vision from the Watcher?

Chapter 16 - The Peteran Priest
Sister Ermine delivers her first sermon to the people of Archolia. Afterward, she converts a few more citizens to the Peteran faith; including Bloodletter Gavin who has heard the Watcher's calling.

Chapter 17 - The Peteran Priest
Restful sleep continues to elude Ermine as visions of the ancient fountain continue to fill her short naps.  Ermine makes a decision to seek the fountain.

Chapter 18 - The Peteran Priest
Ermine risks it all by telling the Queen of her vision.

Chapter 19 - The Peteran Priest
Sister Ermine seeks out the monk, Blessed Donston, seeking info about the fountain.  To her despair, she learns that he has been sent to the stocks.  In order to speak with him, Ermine can either pay his fine, or take his place.

Chapter 20 - The Peteran Priest
After much prayer, Ermine decides that she must sacrifice herself for the monk.  She will take his place at the stocks.  On her way to the judgement zone, her life is threatened by a member of Archolia's growing crime element.

Chapter 21 - The Peteran Priest
Ermine feels her sanity slowly slipping away as she spends hours at the stocks.

Chapter 22 - The Peteran Priest
After a full night's sleep, Sister Ermine returns to the stocks and finds the Monk there waiting for her.  She finally gains information on the fountain, but learns that her trials are far from over when she discovers that the Monk had a map that was stolen from him by a thief that Ermine is all too familiar with.

Chapter 23 - The Peteran Priest
Ermine confronts her previous accoster.  With the Watcher guiding her, she throws all fear to the side and does what she must to get the map that she needs.

Chapter 24 - The Peteran Priest 
With map in hand, Sister Ermine sets out to locate the ancient fountain.  She finally locates it, only to find that she has more tests to pass before she can be healed.

Chapter 25 - The Peteran Priest
After following her next set of instructions, Ermine returns to the ancient fountain to answer a final riddle.  Will she succeed in overcoming her fatal flaw?

The Monarch

Chapter 26 - The Monarch
There is unrest within the kingdom!  A small group of villagers have risen up in revolt, refusing to eat until their demands are heard.  Queen Chalyela has to decide whether to hear them out or allow them to die of starvation in punishment for rising up against her.

Chapter 27 - The Monarch
Chalyela seeks out advice from Bloodletter Gavin, but they both find more than they bargained for.

Chapter 28 - The Monarch
Sister Ermine offers Queen Chalyela advice on how to handle the situation developing in the Town Square.  Chalyela takes her advice to heart.

Chapter 29 - The Monarch
Queen Chalyela takes the first steps toward solving the problems in the village after seeing for herself how overcrowding is making life for the peasants very difficult.

Chapter 30 - The Monarch
Despite Gavin's insistence that he is not deserving of her, Chalyela decides to take the relationship to the next level.  Gavin cannot help but feel insecure about their budding relationship.

Chapter 31 - The Monarch
 Chalyela has heard the needs of the people and has taken immediate action.  Hamfast is deeply grateful, stating that the queen will go down in history for her kindness.

The Knight 

As crime increases within the kingdom, Queen Chalyela sees fit to commission a knight.  Sir Ivan is on patrol in the forest when he encounters horrible acts unlike any he has ever seen before.

Chapter 33 - The Knight
Sir Ivan finds himself face to face with the evil witch once again.  He demands that she leaves the kingdom at once, but soon realizes that he has a lot more training to do before he has any hope of overpowering her.

Chapter 34 - The Knight
Ivan attempts to regain the queen's respect.  Queen Chalyela is not open to his flirting, but she seems to enjoy his company.

Chapter 35 - The Knight
Sir Ivan makes a second attempt at impressing the queen, but his effort only makes her angry.  However, Ivan realizes that he is very attracted to the queen, despite her relationship with the Bloodletter.

Chapter 36 - The Knight
Sir Ivan gets an opportunity to meet his competition, Bloodletter Gavin.  Now he feels confident in his ability to steal the queen's heart.

Chapter 37 - The Knight
Sir Ivan attempts to fool the witch into following him to the forest clearing with a plan to attack.  He quickly discovers that the witch is more clever than he thought.  Now he has to run for his life.

Chapter 38 - The Knight
Ivan emerges from hiding; happy to be alive.  With a better idea of what he is up against, he sets out to train with the best.

Chapter 39 - The Knight
After suffering a minor injury during his sword fight, Ivan seeks out the Bloodletter for more than just first aid.

Chapter 40 - The Knight
Ivan approaches Queen Chalyela and attempts to develop a friendship with her.  After he is sure that the queen has developed an affinity toward him, he brings up the witch again.

Chapter 41 - The Knight
Queen Chalyela grants Ivan permission to have the witch executed.  Will the kingdom finally be rid of this evil presence?

Chapter 42 - The Knight
The witch is thrown into the pit of the beast, but does not go down without a fight.

The Peteran Priest & Monarch

Chapter 43 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
Archolia is in a state of calm, church attendance has dropped and faith is at an all time low.  Many are more interested in the cultural faire that has come to town.  Sister Ermine tries to determine how to win back their faith. 

Chapter 44 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
Sister Ermine turns to Queen Chalyela for help in getting attendees for a special sermon.  Meanwhile, Bloodletter Gavin suspects that someone else may have captured the Queen's attention.

Chapter 45 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
 Chalyela proceeds with her commitment to help Sister Ermine fill her pews for her next sermon; leading to an encounter with Sir Ivan that only leaves them both confused.

Chapter 46 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
Sister Ermine is challenged to give a meaningful sermon to the people. Later, Sir Ivan does not hold back in telling Queen Chalyela how he feels about her.

Chapter 47 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
Queen Chalyela takes some time for herself, while keeping her mind off of her personal problems.  Her day becomes even more exciting when she is attacked while returning to the castle late at night.

Chapter 48 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
Once again Sister Ermine finds herself wide awake in the middle of the night.  Suddenly she realizes what sacrificing her naptime tea really meant.  Meanwhile, Queen Chalyela makes a heartbreaking decision.

Chapter 49 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
Chalyela's decision to end her relationship with Bloodletter Gavin hurts her more than she ever thought it would.

Chapter 50 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch 
Chalyela visits the village seeking the finest fabrics for Ermine's new robes, while Ermine seeks assistance from the magnates of liquor and literature.

Chapter 51 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch 
Chalyela tells Ivan that she has ended her courtship with Gavin, but Ivan does not want to pursue a relationship with the queen until she is absolutely sure she is over the Bloodletter.

Chapter 52 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
Ermine begins scribing her new book on the Peteran faith and Chalyela begins planning the next building for the kingdom.

Chapter 53 - The Peteran Priest & Monarch
Ermine prepares to give her special sermon by passing out robes, books and wine to those who helped her shape the new Peteran Faith.

The Physician 

Chapter 54 - The Physician
 Gavin is dealing with heartbreak and his nurse Jolene is convinced that she is cursed.

Chapter 55 - The Physician
Gavin is feeling sorry for himself as memories of his breakup with Queen Chalyela continue to haunt him.

Chapter 56 - The Physician
Gavin spends a few moments mesmerized over the beautiful Troubadour Amelia.  Amelia's voice and beauty, accompanied with a few goblets of ale, gives Gavin the respite that he seeks... if only for a few hours.

Chapter 57 - The Physician
Jolene rushes out of the clinic and refuses to return unless Gavin can help her find a cure for her curse.  Gavin decides to stop feeling sorry for himself long enough to help his good friend.

Chapter 58 - The Physician
Gavin continues his search for a cure to Jolene's curse at the Peteran church.

Chapter 59 - The Physician
Gavin stumbles over another cure for Jolene's curse.  Armed with more than one option, he approaches her and discovers that he may have been searching for love in the wrong places.

Chapter 60 - The Physician
Gavin concocts the toad curse cure and gives it to Jolene.  Afterward, he makes a life changing decision that he wishes he had made a lot sooner.

The Bard

Amelia is summoned to the castle by the queen to aid in a peasant revolt.  Amelia is honored, but insecure in her ability to help in this important matter.

Amelia approaches the revolting peasants in an attempt to get to the bottom of their reasons for gathering.  

Chapter 63 - The Bard
Amelia uses her charm and good humor to befriend Ysmay.  Ysmay finally gives her the information that she is looking for.  Amelia approaches the leader hoping to end the revolt as soon as possible.

Chapter 64 - The Bard
 Amelia gives the revolting peasants a large sum of money hoping that they will all pack up and return home.  When things do not go as planned, she is forced to come up with another way to end the revolt.

Chapter 65 - The Bard
Amelia seeks inspiration from all over the kingdom for her play.  Although Queen Chalyela is not confident that Amelia's plan will end the revolt, Amelia is determined to give it a try.

Chapter 66 - The Bard
Amelia proceeds to write her play, deciding that she will scare the peasants into submission.  She hires an actress to perform alongside her and hopes that she will succeed  and end the revolt for good.

The Knight

Sir Ivan finds out about the annual fishing tournament and is determined to win, but first he must convince advisor Kenna to waive the entry fee.

Ivan is injured by a boar while hunting.  Although he would rather avoid it, Ivan is forced to go and see Bloodletter Gavin.

Sir Ivan and Bloodletter Gavin are face to face for the first time.  Ivan braces himself for Gavin's wrath over his failed relationship, and Ivan's new relationship, with the queen, but is surprised by the Bloodletter's reaction.

Chapter 70 - The Knight
Now that Ivan and Gavin have cleared the air between them, Ivan is ready to take his relationship with Queen Chalyela a step further.

Chapter 71 - The Knight
Ivan has put all on the line for this competition.  He seeks Fisherman Marlon's advice and catches a large fish.  However, it is not good enough to win the competition.

Chapter 72 - The Knight
Ivan goes about the kingdom completing his duties, hoping to become unfocused enough to catch the mysterious lobster.

Chapter 73 - The Knight
Ivan witnesses a miracle that puts him in the position to finally propose to the queen.

The Merchant & Knight

Shopkeeper Percival decides that it is time that he marries and sets his sights on Huntswoman Felicia.

Before even considering marrying Percival, Felicia has one request of him...convert to the Peteran Faith.  The problem is that Percival has never been much of a religious man.

Chapter 76 - The Merchant & Knight
Felicia begins to feel an affinity toward Percival, who seeks Ivan as his best man.

Chapter 77 - The Merchant & Knight
Percival appraoches Ivan and quickly realizes that the time is not right to ask Ivan to be his best man.

Chapter 78 - The Merchant & Knight
Percival finally asks Ivan to be his best man and Ivan agrees.  Later, both set up to complete their duties so that Percival & Felicia can marry.

Chapter 79- The Merchant & Knight
Percival and Felicia marry in the castle banquet hall.

The Monarch & Physician

Queen Chalyela's adviser is in love with the daughter of a foreign dignitary, which is bad enough.  What complicates the issue even more?  Both of them are women.

Chapter 81 - The Monarch & Physician
Chalyela finds Ivan in the forest clearing and approaches him with a very surprising request.

Chapter 82 - The Monarch & Physician
Chalyela and Ivan hurry to the church for their impromptu wedding.  Later, they share a passionate wedding night together.

Chapter 83 - The Monarch & Physician
Chalyela wakes feeling nauseous and wonders if she might be expecting.  She visits the town square to find out more about the rumors that are being spread.

Chapter 84 - The Monarch & Physician
For the first time since their devastating break-up, Queen Chalyela and Gavin are face to face once again.  Chalyela desperately needs Gavin's help and prays that they can still be friends.

Chapter 85 - The Monarch & Physician
Chalyela tells her husband Ivan of her pregnancy.  While he is happy about the news, he's not pleased that Surgeon Gavin will be assisting her with concealing the scandal.

Chapter 86 - The Monarch & Physician
Queen Chalyela and Surgeon Gavin work hard to convince everyone that the plague has returned.

Chapter 87 - The Monarch & Physician
Chalyela and Gavin witness the evidence that their plan is working.  Still, they both feel bad about deceiving the villagers.

Chapter 88 - The Monarch & Physician
Surgeon Gavin continues to heal the so-called "plague victims", while Chalyela uses her authority to quiet a disbelieving villager.

Chapter 89 - The Monarch & Physician
All is right in the kingdom and Archolia's first heir is born!

The Knight
Chapter 90 - The Knight
Ivan is thrilled to meet his new daughter, but is not happy that Surgeon Gavin continues to hang around the castle.

Chapter 91 - The Knight
Ivan receives an important message; inviting him to join the Fighter's Guild.  He decides to evaluate all of the Guild members before making his decision.

Chapter 92 - The Knight
Training a new knight is not going so well for Ivan.  Later, Princess Adela ages up to a child.

Chapter 93 - The Knight
Ivan underestimates the skill of the women of the Fighter's Guild.  He makes a big mistake when he decides to fight them back to back.

Chapter 94 - The Knight
After sparring Lord Jude, Ivan discovers that he and the kingdom could actually benefit from his membership to the Fighter's Guild.

Chapter 95 - The Knight
 The guild would like to test Ivan's sword training skills.  Ivan agrees to train Blade Lukas.

Chapter 96 - The Knight
Ivan returns from a necessary trip prepared to give Lord Jude his decision on whether or not he will join the guild.
The Bard

Chapter 97 - The Bard
Bard Amelia is the first to notice the gangs that have begun to roam the outskirts of Archolia.  She  confronts the leaders of the gangs in an attempt to find out what they are up to.

Chapter 98 - The Bard
Amelia decides to warn Queen Chalyela right away, only the Queen is already aware.  Pregnant with a 2nd heir, with Knight-Captain Ivan away, the Queen's hands are tied.  It's up to Amelia to bring down the gangs.

Chapter 99 - The Bard
 Amelia studies the papers given to her by Queen Chalyela and knows exactly what she needs to do.

Chapter 100 - The Bard
Amelia completes her poem and uses it to convince the Rat King that she is pledging her loyalty to him.
Chapter 101 - The Bard
While hanging out at the Rat King's camp, Amelia overhears his plan in taking over the kingdom.  Later, she further convinces him of her devotion to him.

Chapter 102 - The Bard
Amelia uses strong liquor to keep Aramis and his gang occupied, while she slips away to begin the next phase of her plan.
 Chapter 103 - The Bard
Amelia finishes out her plan, hoping to save the kingdom from being overtaken by the Aarbyville gangs.

The Physician & Merchant

Chapter 104 - The Physician & Merchant
An increase in population causes patients with plague like symptoms to overwhelm the clinic day after day. Surgeon Gavin is not sure the clinic can continue to keep up with the increased demand.

Chapter 105 - The Physician & Merchant
Like Surgeon Gavin at the clinic, Shopkeeper Percival is also feeling the effects of the large numbers of Aarbyville refugees moving in and swelling the Archolia population.  Having a tough time keeping his shelves stocked with tonic, he visits the clinic where he hears some potentially disturbing news.
Chapter 106 - The Physician & Merchant
Shopkeeper Percival questions villagers about the illness that seems to be spreading among the Aarbyville refugees.

Chapter 107 - The Physician & Merchant
 Surgeon Gavin takes advantage of an opportunity to try out his tonic on a very sick villager, but is disappointed that it doesn't work.

Chapter 108 - The Physician & Merchant
Shopkeeper Percival seeks out Surgeon Gavin in order to secure more potions.  In turn, Gavin asks Percival to find a villager who exhibits the most severe symptoms.
Chapter 109 - The Physician & Merchant
 Reluctantly, villager Lynn visits Surgeon Gavin as Percival suggested.  Later Felicia gives Percival some very good news.

Chapter 110 - The Physician & Merchant
Percival decides to write his merchant contacts in an attempt to get more info about the illness; while Gavin tries a new tonic on Lynn, which yields unexpected results.

Chapter 111 - The Physician & Merchant
Percival visits the tavern and sees Gavin there attempting to drink himself into a stupor.  Realizing that Gavin is their only hope, he decides to intervene.
Chapter 112 - The Physician & Merchant
Nurse Jolene is not happy to find out that Gavin has been drinking and Percival interviews sick villagers in town in an attempt to find a connection between them.

Chapter 113 - The Physician & Merchant
Gavin continues researching symptoms at the clinic.  While Percival comes closer to finding the cause of the malady.
Chapter 114 - The Physician & Merchant
 With the roads of Archolia lined with the bodies of suffering villagers, Percival takes a much needed trip to Crafthold to trade for a sample of potentially infected grain.

Chapter 115 - The Physician & Merchant
Gavin finds a way to cure all the sick refugees at once, while Percival does his part in making sure no one else falls ill.

The Peteran Priest & Merchant

Chapter 116 - The Peteran Priest & Merchant
Prioress Ermine is tasked with the duty of welcoming the Leader of Snordwich to the kingdom, while Trader Percival is given four pendants to sell by a rival merchant.

Chapter 117 - The Peteran Priest & Merchant
Ermine overhears the Snords talking about a demon, but fails at her attempt to find out more.  While Percival suspects, but attempts to conceal, that the pendants that he is selling may be responsible for a weird sleeping spell.

Chapter 118 - The Peteran Priest & Merchant
Percival decides to capitalize on the pendant's strange sleeping effects.  At the church, Prioress Ermine begins a special sermon for the Snord Leader.

Ermine escorts the Snord Leader to the castle and Percival decides to give the last pendant away to someone who would truly benefit from a good night's sleep.

Chapter 120 - The Peteran Priest & Merchant
 Percival comes face-to-face with the evil behind the pendants.  His attempt to flee catches up with him, while Ermine falls victim to the pendant curse.

Chapter 121 - The Peteran Priest & Merchant 
 The Watcher hears Ermine's prayer.  Later, Ermine takes a nap and her subsequent dream gives her insight on the demon's plans for the kingdom.

Chapter 122 - The Peteran Priest & Merchant
Guided by the leader of Snords, and with the help of the Dream Guardian, Ermine attempts to defeat the demon.

The Knight

Sir Ivan is angered when his wife, the queen, sends him on a seemingly foolish mission to investigate a talking frog.

Chapter 124 - The Knight
After some investigating, Ivan discovers that the Frogga myth is actually true.  He soon discovers just how vile this "mystical" creature really is.

With Queen Chalyela's permission, Sir Ivan rids the forest of the foul creature and presents the Chalyela with a gift that promises to make the kingdom very rich.

The Monarch

Chapter 126 - The Monarch
Foreign dignitaries are beginning to question Queen Chalyela's right to the crown.  Chalyela seeks to locate her family crest hoping to prove that she indeed has royal blood.

Chapter 127 - The Monarch
Queen Chalyela's supposed 'cousin' arrives, but Chalyela is not convinced that he is in fact her relative.

Chapter 128 - The Monarch
While Chalyela tries to be a great hostess for her 'cousin' Jace, he insists on being rude and obnoxious; causing her to further doubt that they are actual family.

Chapter 129 - The Monarch
Chalyela decides to approach a few of the foreign dignitaries to find out what they know of Jace.  They both describe him as a very shady character, which causes Chalyela to confront him.

Chapter 130 - The Monarch
 Chalyela receives a scroll from town crier Bertram that reveals all she needs to know about Jace.

Chapter 131 - The Monarch
Seeking Commander Ivan's advice, Chalyela finally knows how to solve her Jace problem.

Queen Chalyela shows Jace how swift she could be with the blade.  With the threat taken care of, Chalyela decides to start her own family crest, based on her achievements as queen.

The End

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