Monday, October 1, 2012

Archolia Chapter 132 - The Monarch

Just as Chalyela walks into the castle, the imposter greets  her  in a rude, disrespectful matter. 

“You shall never see even a segment of the crest if this is how you treat a guest!”  He shouts.

His words seriously anger her and she swiftly pulls out her sword.
 “What is going on cousin?  I was just funning you.”

“If you are a relative of mine, than certainly you know that we have a family tradition of being swift with the blade,” Chalyela says holding her sword in a ready position.

“OK…OK, I lied!  I intercepted your scroll and decided to pretend to be your cousin to see what I could get out of you.  I meant no harm!”
Jace finally admits.
 “Then you have committed high treason!  And that is punishable by death!”  Chalyela says slicing Jace across his middle in one swift swing.
 Jace crumbles to the ground holding his injury...
 …before perishing at Queen Chalyela’s feet.
 Death arrives to take away his soul. 
Chalyela shall never get used to witnessing his arrival.
 She feels terrible about taking a life, but knows that she has done what was needed to protect her kingdom and her crown.
 As she stands and looks over the kingdom that she has built, she decides to make a new family crest, based on her accomplishments as queen of Archolia.
Knight Commander Ivan continued to train and build up the security of the kingdom.  He built a name for himself throughout Archolia and surrounding kingdoms.  His love for Queen Chalyela never faltered and the two of them built  upon their love until the day he died.
Surgeon Gavin found great happiness with his wife Jolene and his son Godfrey. Jolene still occasionally suffered the effects of her lifetime curse…
 …but with Gavin by her side, she never feared again.
Amelia drew the eye of many available men, but decided that music and performing came first in her life. Over time she realized that she really did have love in her heart for Aramis the Rat king from Aarbyville
 She never forgot him, but she refused to let his death weigh on her.
 Prioress  Ermine also never married.  She spent her days preaching about The Watcher; dedicating her life to the Watcher fully.  She went on to author several more books that taught The Watcher’s message.
The marriage between Percival and Huntress Felicia did not last long.  Felicia was never  very happy being a merchant’s wife and eventually ran away with a fellow hunter; leaving Percival to raise their daughter Illiana alone.  Illiana grew up and eventually took over her father’s trade as merchant.
 Queen Chalyela ruled over Archolia for many years. 
 She was successful in her mission to build a kingdom up and keep it safe.  Despite her fears, no foreign dignitary was ever successful in overthrowing Queen Chalyela as ruler of Archolia.
At a young age, Princess Adela was groomed to rule the kingdom of Archolia as well as her mother before her.
 She inherited the right to rule over Archolia after the death of her mother.
 However, her rule did not last long, because she too inherited her mother’s weak constitution; which led to her death a few years after she took over the crown.
After the death of his sister Adela, Ivan the 2nd was next in line for the crown.  Rebellious in nature, Ivan the 2nd used his power and money to party and entertain women.  His inattention to the affairs of the kingdom led to the kingdom of Archolia being attacked and taken over by a nearby territory.
The End

Archolia Chapter 131 - The Monarch

Ivan is in the training room practicing when Chalyela arrives.
She stands for a while admiring his skill; not daring to interrupt him.
He stops immediately and changes out of his armor when he spots her.
“Hello beautiful,” he says before greeting her with a kiss.
“To what do I owe this visit my queen?”
“You remember I told you that some of the foreign dignitaries were doubting my right to the crown?”

Ivan nods; listening attentively.
“Well advisor Kenna suggested that I attempt to locate family members in order to locate our family crest, so I did.”
“So you were able to locate it?” Ivan asks anticipating good news.
“I wish I could say so, but that is not the case,” Chalyela reveals.
“I attempted to send a scroll to the Kinship Location Guild, but my letter was intercepted.”
“Instead, it attracted a mountebank who is here now in the kingdom claiming that he is my cousin who in fact has our family crest.”
“Are you sure that he is of no relation?” Ivan asks.
“Quite.  Today I received a letter from my Aunt Beverly who told me not to trust anyone who has come here claiming to be my cousin.”
“Oh Ivan!  I have been a fool.  I was so desperate to possess our family crest and prove my right to rule that I have allowed this stranger into our home, allowed him to lie to me and as a result put us all in danger.”
“Well you know what you must do?” Ivan says grabbing Chalyela’s hand tenderly.
“What is that my love?”
“Allow him to know if the blade of your sword is as appetizing as his lies.”

“You mean kill him?” Chalyela asks seriously considering her husband’s advice.
“I can do it for you if you wish my love,” Ivan says.

“No,” Chalyela says before walking away, “I will do it.”

Archolia Chapter 130 - The Monarch

 Chalyela is mortified at Jace’s behavior and disrespect toward her.  She is determined to get to the bottom of this situation.  She decides to seek the Town Crier to find out if he has heard anything about Jace.
 Town crier Bertram is standing near the well when she arrives at the town square.
 “Town Crier Bertram, as you may have heard, a distant relative of mine arrived in town a few days ago.”
 “Yes Your Majesty.”

“Well, he has been nothing but a bother since he arrived.  He is supposed to be providing me with our family crest, but every time I ask him about it, he changes the subject.”
 “I am convinced that Jace is actually not my cousin.”
 “Wait!  What was his name again?”  Bertram asks, suddenly stunned.

“I just received a scroll about that very person.  Hold on one moment while I fetch it.”
 Bertram leaves to locate the scroll.  Chalyela prays that the scroll will reveal all that she needs to know about this Jace.
“Here it is M’lady.  It is addressed from a Duchess Beverly.  I was just about to deliver it to the castle.”

“Aunt Beverly? “ Chalyela says excited that her Aunt Beverly may actually exist.
 Chalyela takes the scroll out of Bertram’s hands.
 Chalyela slips the scroll into her pocket to read once she has some privacy.
Once she is away from town square, she rips open the seal on the scroll:

Dearest Niece Queen Chalyela,  I am your aunt Beverly.   I am afraid that I lost contact with your  side of the family long before you were born.  I was pleased to hear from you. I wanted to warn you that your message was intercepted by a well known charlatan from our parts.  If a man comes to town, claiming that he is your relative, do not believe him! 

Regarding the
proof of our family heraldry, I cannot  provide you with a crest because  there is none.  Our family has always made their own name without use of a crest and I am sure that you will do the same. 
With the proof she needs in hand, Chalyela walks toward the castle, but passes it as she decides on a different destination.  She will in fact confront the imposter Jace, but first she will seek advice from her husband, Commander Ivan, on how to deal with this fraud.