Friday, April 13, 2012

Archolia Chapter 119 - The Peteran Priest & Merchant

Ermine finishes her sermon with a final prayer.  With all heads bowed, she prayers that the Watcher keeps Archolia and Snordwich safe from evil.
She carefully puts away the Sacred Text and blows out her candle.
“Snoozemeister, I will now escort you to the castle.”

Snoozemeister Elton looks very pleased.  “Very good!”  He replies.
“Might I ask you a question before we set out for the castle?”

Snoozemeister Elton, suddenly sounds very impatient, “Aye, aye if you must, but I need to see your queen quickly!”
“Should I be concerned about this demon that I heard your guard mention last night?”

Elton clears his voice,  before answering, “So you heard that?  Please, I will reveal everything once I have spoken to your queen!”
“OK, let us go at once!” Ermine says, not willing to push the Snoozemeister’s patience any further.
Percival has one last pendant left.  He considers selling it to one last customer, but knows of someone who could really use it.  He has made a fair amount of simoles from them already.
He walks over to the pigeon post.  He has decided to send a pendant to Prioress Ermine.  He has heard that she has problems sleeping and is often seen walking around the church courtyard at night.
Since marrying, Percival has become  a fairly religious man; believing in giving back to the church. He is sure that his pendant will cure Prioress Ermine of her insomnia.  He attaches the pendant to a note and secures both to the leg of a pigeon.  
Percival releases the pigeon, hoping that Ermine gets it right away.
Ermine begins to walk the Snoozemeister to the castle, when he stops her.  “Actually Your Grace, before we leave, I could actually use a bit of protection from the Watcher.”
Ermine leads the Snord Leader through the convert’s prayer and converts him to the Peteran Faith.
She then prays the Watcher’s favor over him.
“Now I must see your queen at once!” 
As Ermine leaves the church behind the Snord leader, a pigeon flies by and drops a small package at her feet.  Ermine examines the package briefly before sticking it in her pocket.  I will take a look at this later, she says to herself.
When Ermine reaches the castle, she is directed upstairs by the castle guards.  The Snord leader and his guard are escorted to the tactical map room where Queen Chalyela will meet them.
Queen Chalyela changes into a crimson and cream gown rich with gold plated accessories.  “Is this more fitting for a meeting with the Snord Leader?” She asks Ermine.
Chalyela restyles her hair and finishes her look with her crown.  
“Now to meet the Snords,” Chalyela says and proceeds to head for the door.

“One moment your majesty.  I had something that I wanted to tell you.”
“What is it Prioress?  I must not keep the Snord Leader waiting.”

“Your majesty, I believe that they are here for more than just a visit.”
Chalyela chuckles, “What do you mean Your Grace?”

“I heard the Snord Guard make mention of a demon and when I asked the Snord Leader about it, he became anxious and said that he must speak to you first.”
Chalyela thanks Ermine for the information, for greeting the Snord Leader at the forest and for hosting him at the church.  Ermine begins to leave the room, hoping that the queen takes her information seriously.
She heads downstairs with Queen Chalyela right behind her.  She wants to say her goodbyes to the Snords before heading back to the church.
Prioress Ermine announces the queen as she enters the tactical map room.  After giving Queen Chalyela a few moments to finish up with the formalities, Ermine pulls the Snord Leader to the side to say her goodbyes.
I would not say goodbye just yet.  I may have some use for you later on during my visit,” Snoozemeister Elton replies.

“Well I am at your service.  I will leave you and her majesty to talk.  If you need me, I will be at the church.”
Ermine turns and walks away, wondering what use she could possibly be for the leader of Snordwich.


  1. More than you think, Ermine... Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

  2. Thank you! I will get them posted soon.