Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Archolia Chapter 108 - The Physician & Merchant

After having his stalls open for only a few hours, Percival is already out of tonic.  He leaves Felicia at the house to visit Surgeon Gavin to ask for more tonic.
 He finds the surgeon out in the garden picking herbs. 
 “Pray pardon me Surgeon Gavin, but I am desperate for more tonics to replenish my stalls.  The villagers are buying it all up as soon as I put it out,” Percival says after getting Gavin’s attention.
 “Actually Shopkeeper Percival, we have bigger problems than that.  The usual treatments are not working for this new illness that some of the villagers are suffering from.”
 “Is that so?  What are we to do?”

“I am glad that you asked.  I need your help with something.”
 “What can I do?  I am no physician…I am only a merchant,” Percival asked confused.
 “Aye, I am aware of this, but you see lots of villagers passing through your market daily.  I need you to track down another of the ailing villagers who shows some of the worst symptoms.”
 “I appreciate your help Percival,” Gavin says and begins to walk away.
 “One moment Surgeon!” Percival calls, capturing Gavin’s attention once again.
“Yes Shopkeeper.  How may I help you?”
“The tonic…can I get more tonic?”  Percival asks.

“Well as I told you, the tonic is not working,” Gavin explains.
“Aye, but the villagers do not know this.  Would it hurt if they continue to purchase it?” Percival asks.

“Well, I suppose not,” Gavin answers.
Gavin hands Percival a few of the flasks that he has in his pouch.  “Now please locate another sick villager for me,” Gavin reminds him.

“You have my word,” Percival promises returning to his shop.
Gavin reviews the symptoms of the ailing villager in his mind.  “I must research these odd symptoms,” he says, thinking to himself out loud.
Finding nothing, Gavin prepares to call it a night, when his son Godfrey enters the clinic.  “Father!  Father, there are villagers in town cursing you because you have not healed them,” Godfrey announces.
“Rest assured son, I am doing all I can to find a cure. Please do not worry about what is being said in the village.”
“I am not worried father.  I told them that my father is the best surgeon ever and that you will have this illness wiped out in no time.”

“Thank you son, “ Gavin says wishing that he was as confident as his son about his skill as a healer.
Early the next morning, Percival is up searching the kingdom for another sick villager.  Although he knows that he can make a lot of money selling tonics while they remain ill, it is still in his best interest to do all he can to see that this pandemic is taken care  of.
His search takes him to the church.  In his mind, its logical that a sick person would come to the church in their time of need.
Seeing no one inside, Percival searches the church courtyard.
It does not take long before he spots a woman who is obviously ill. 

“Good lady, I cannot help but notice that you appear to be suffering.”
“The name is Lynn and I admit that I am not feeling like my usual self as of late.”
“Thank you for your concern,” Lynn says before walking away.
“One moment…Lynn!” Percival calls.
Lynn turns back to Percival.  “Might I encourage you to see Surgeon Gavin at the clinic?”
“I am a busy, hardworking woman.  I have no time to see any surgeons. Besides that, there is nothing that he can do that the Watcher cannot do through prayer”

“But ma’am, if you take time to see him, you will be helping him make sure that this illness does not spread.”
“Well I guess I can spare a few moments.”
Lynn does not appear to be very happy about it, but she heads toward the clinic.  Percival is glad to have convinced her to go.

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