Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Archolia Chapter 106 - The Physician & Merchant

 Back at the market, Percival approaches Taylor Xin.  Taylor Xin’s taylor shop is located right in the middle of town, Percival is sure that Xin may have some indication of how bad this new illness really is.  “What have you seen or heard?” Percival says attempting to pull information out of Xin.
 “I have seen a few sick customers come in and out of my shop, but nothing unusual and no one has told me anything.”
 “What about deaths?  Have you heard of any new deaths in town?”  Percival presses for more information.

“No more than usual.  Just the occasional elder whose time was  up anyway.”
 “There has to be something more to it than that,” Percival insists.

“Well, if so, I am not the one to ask,” 
Xin states effectively ending the conversation.
 The only other townie that Percival can think of who seems to know all of the latest news is town crier Bertram.
 “What do you know of this illness that seems to be going around?”  Percival asks.
 “You mean the one that did not show up until we started getting all of the Aarbyville refugees in town?”
 “Aye, that is the one.  Do you know how bad it has gotten?”

“From what I have heard, the blight has consumed the countryside.”
 Percival lowers his voice so that no one overhears him,  “Should I be afraid?”
 “We should all be afraid.  Rumor has it that the leaders of Aarbyville purposely sent these refugees here, knowing that they were ill to kill us all off for destroying their plans to take over Archolia.”

“Really?” Percival says, realizing that Bertram is known to spread rumors that are not exactly true.
 Bertram picks up that Percival does not believe him, which leads to a few awkward moments of silence. 
 Back at the clinic, Gavin turns his attention to the patients that seem to be suffering from illnesses that he is more familiar with and can easily cure.
 This patient has a pretty bad infection.  Gavin knows that drawing her blood and medicating her will easily cure her.  He leads her to the operating table.
 “I am going to drain the infected blood.  You will feel weak and sleepy, but I will give you a tonic that will have you up and on your feet again in no time,” Gavin says to the patient.
 Gavin applies the leeches and allows them to sit until an adequate amount of blood has been drained.
 Percival finally makes his way back to the clinic and is happy to see that nurse Jolene has returned. “Good eve Nurse Jolene, I have heard about the illness that is going around.  I wanted to ask you for a fresh supply of tonic to restock my stalls.”
“I wish I could be of assistance Shopkeeper Percival, but our supply is low.  We have been so busy with the sudden swell in population that we are having a time trying to keep our own supplies high.”

“I see,” Percival answers with concern on his face.

Jolene notices it. “If you follow me to the examination room, I could probably spare some of our weaker tonics
 Once they are in the examination room, Percival feels more comfortable asking questions.  “Should I be concerned about this outbreak of sickness?”
 “I see no cause for panic.  It is actually not spreading as you would think it would.  And so far, there has been no loss of life.”
 Nurse Jolene hands Percival a few flasks of tonic.  “It is not much, but it is all I could spare. Now if you will excuse me,” she says before walking away.

Percival thanks her quietly, but his attention is on Gavin and his patient.
 While Percival is still standing there, Gavin pulls out a bottle of tonic for the patient.  He places a funnel into her mouth.  “This will revive you and have you feeling as if you were never ill.”
Gavin pours the tonic into the funnel and as he promised, the patient feels as good as new.

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