Friday, July 29, 2011

Archolia Chapter 73 - The Knight

If Ivan wants even a remote chance at catching the mysterious lobster, now is the time.  He drags out his fishing pole and throws it out as far as possible.
Ivan is totally unfocused.  He knows that if he does not get it together, he could end up falling in the sea and drowning.
Ivan manages to catch a small fish.  It is perfect for a meal, but too small for the competition. 
Ivan moves down the beach to another spot.  Again he catches a fish, but again it is not the lobster.
Ivan is ready to give up, but he does not.  He moves down the beach yet again to another spot.
At last he falls on the beach in a heap.  He is hungry, hot and tired.  He has no energy to stand so he bends over next to the water holding on to his fishing pole with what little energy he has left.
That night Ivan drags himself home and eats a bowl of warm fish stew.  What happened between the beach and him arriving home is nothing short of a miracle.
The next morning, Ivan is on a mission.  He takes huge steps toward the castle.  It is as though he cannot get there quick enough.
Chalyela is on her throne.  She smiles when she sees him and throws him a kiss.
He beckons to her and she rises.  He waits while she walks over to him.
He pulls her close to him with such desperate force that she is taken aback.  “What is it Ivan?”  She asks with her eyes wide with surprise.
Ivan does not answer.  Instead he covers her mouth with his warm , wet kisses.
He begins to serenade her in an out of tune, loud voice. 
Chalyela does not know what has gotten into him.  She cannot understand why he is being so mysterious, but she likes it.  His mystery is what draws her to him the most.
She claps and laughs as he finishes.  “Ivan, are you going to tell me what this is about?”  She says between her giggles.
“I won…I won the competition!”

Chalyela is slightly disappointed.  She really could care less about a fishing competition.
“I do not understand Ivan.  Why is this news so important?”
“Now I am worthy enough to marry you,” he says bowing slightly before her.

“But you were already worthy!” Chalyela insists.
Ivan does not answer.  Instead he kneels before her on one knee.  Chalyela gasps in surprise.
Ivan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring.  Chalyela is bursting with excitement. 
“Would you, my queen…do me the honor of being my wife?”  Chalyela can barely see the ring through her tears.
Chalyela picks the rings up from Ivan’s hands.  “Of course I will marry you,” she says.
Ivan places the ring on her finger.  Chalyela stares and stares, still not fully understanding that she and Ivan are now betrothed.
She pulls him close and sobs into his shoulder. 
Ivan holds her close, so happy that he is finally in the position to marry his queen.
Chalyela has to physically calm herself.  She can barely speak and her eyes keep threatening to tear up. Her smile is so wide that her cheeks hurt.
Ivan excuses himself, “I have something that I must take care of ,” he says before walking away.
Chalyela happily walks away to find someone to announce her betrothal to.  Ivan recounts in his head the miracle that allowed him to catch the mysterious lobster.
Kenna cannot believe that Ivan has caught the lobster that she has only heard about in tales.  “But how did you do it?”  She asks.

Ivan begins with the instructions from Marlon and tells of his state of weariness as he collapsed on the beach.  He continues, “so there I was, sure that the tides would drown me, barely holding onto my pole.  Suddenly I feel a tug on my pole.  Logically the pole should have been pulled from my hands, but the tug was hard enough to wake me, but gentle enough not to cause me to lose it.  I woke up and the lobster was just there on the beach, still attached to my fishing line.” 
Ivan’s tale is barely believable, but Kenna has no choice but believe it after she has seen the lobster.  “Now you know that a lobster is not technically a fish, but I will let it slide,” she says teasing him.

Ivan  is not bothered by her teasing.  He has won the competition and is betrothed to the queen.  He could not be happier.

Archolia Chapter 72 - The Knight

Ivan has been instructed to wait until he is so unfocused that he cannot catch anything.  He knows of a few ways to make himself tired and even more desperate.
There is another swordsman in the kingdom looking for a challenge.  Ivan rises to the occasion and challenges him to a duel.  The swordsman accepts at once.
Without much effort, Ivan has the swordsman on his knees asking for mercy. 
The swordsman has never been beat so quickly…
Ivan blames pent up sexual energy on his somewhat superhuman strength and agility.
Ivan hears calls from the new market located next to the tavern.  He has time before he is to return to his fishing, so he walks over to see what there is to buy.
The calls are coming from the merchant standing there among the stalls.
"I am Sir Ivan.  I am looking to upgrade my weapon.”  He says approaching the merchant.
“Name’s Percival Payne,” the merchant says introducing himself. “I may be able to help you with that later, but seeing as there is no blacksmith here in town, I may have to have adequate weaponry imported.”
“I see. How long do you think it would take to get something in?”
“I tell you what, Sir Ivan.  I will do my best to get something in before the week is out.” Percival promises.

“Good man,” Ivan says in response.
Ivan takes a look around Percival’s other goods.  He sees a few trinkets and possible gifts for the queen, but nothing that he could use.
He takes a look at the shields that Percival has in stock and sees that they may be adequate for an amateur, but would be no good for his own purposes.
Checking out Percival’s other goods, I van decides to purchase some fowl for a stew.
Ivan is beginning to feel hungry and his focus is faltering.  He decides to complete some of his duties before he loses the ability to get anything done.
First he walks to the forest and patrols the clearing.
He patrols for as long as he can, but it does not take long before his growling stomach begins to get to him.  His energy is practically drained from his swordfight earlier.  He would love more than anything to cook up his fowl and rest.
Ivan walks to the docks to do some sea patrolling.  At least while out at sea, he won’t have to do any walking around. 
He boards the ship and waits for his crew to join him.
After the crew boards, the ship pulls from the docks, just as the sun begins to set.
The ships takes its usual patrol route.  Ivan looks for any unidentified or unauthorized ships. 
The sun has almost completely disappeared by the time Ivan and his crew begins to head back to the dock. 
Ivan can barely stand by the time Archolia is back within view.  The ship slowly pulls up to the dock.
Ivan leaves the ship, happy to know that there is no threat of any sea attacks, but is so weak and tired that he is unsure whether he even wants to attempt any fishing tonight.