Friday, December 16, 2011

Archolia Chapter 102 - The Bard

 At the castle, Prince Ivan the 2nd ages up to a child…
 While Amelia attempts to plan out her next move, in order to save the kingdom.
 First, Amelia decides to visit the market to buy meat for a stew.
 Shopkeeper Percival has a great selection of fresh meats available.  Amelia ends up buying a lot more than she planned.
 After filling her belly with a delicious fowl soup, she takes to the stage to entertain the tavern patrons.
 Finally, she has a moment to think.  The large pitcher of ale on the table gives her a great idea.
 The next morning she returns to the Rat King, greeting him with a hug.  “I missed you last night”, she whispers in his ear.
 Aramis pulls her close. “I was hoping you would return.  What held you up?”
 Amelia pulls away from him and looks him in the eye.  “I have a surprise for you!”  She says before walking over to the cask, set up next to the tent.  She brews a particular strong liquor.
 She fills a large pitcher with the strong ale.  A few goblets of this and Aramis and his men will be passed out in no time.
 Amelia places the pitcher on the ground and waits for Aramis’ gang to notice.
 Sure enough, they head straight for the liquor.  Amelia sees this as her opportunity to disappear for a moment.
 Her destination is the beach and her goal is to see what she can find out about the Queen of Hearts gang.
 Amelia sneaks up on the ladies that make up the gang.  Luckily she can hear them speaking before they spot her.  They are talking about taking over the throne room.
 The Queen of Hearts, who is sitting in a chair next to the tent rises when she spots Amelia.  “Shush!” She tells her gang members, “We have company.”
 The Queen of Hearts smirks at Amelia’s appearance. “To what do we owe this visit?”  She says glancing at Amelia as if she were dirt on the ground.
 “I have been sent to deliver a message from Aramis.  He has decided that he will take over the throne room!”  Amelia lies.
 “What?  We had a deal…wait…why are you delivering this message?”  The Queen of Hearts says in confusion.

“Because I have pledged my loyalty to him and have decided to help him in his cause.”
 Amelia turns and walks away leaving the Queen of Hearts furious.  “I shall see about this!  Ladies…to the throne room at once!”
 By the time Amelia arrives at the Rat King’s camp, his goons are passed out drunk in front of the tent.  Aramis is standing alone. 
 Aramis is angered.  “Where did you go?  How can I trust you if you just come and go as you please?”
 “I was at the tavern getting things  ready for us…but now that we have privacy-”
 Amelia moves as close to his lips as possible without touching them and whispers. “We can just do this right here.”
 Aramis looks Amelia in the eyes. “Just what I was waiting for.”
 Finally their lips meet.  Amelia is surprised at the Rat King’s passion.  She matches it with her own.
 She stops and pulls back. “Not out here, let us go into the tent.”
 Amelia is the first to walk over to the tent.
 She is not proud of what she must do next, but the kingdom is at stake.  This would not be the first time she has had to resort to seducing a man.
 She enters the tent with the Rat King close behind.
 To her surprise, the Rat King is a kind gentle lover.  Amelia could almost see herself really falling for someone like him.  She feels a slight connection to him as he kisses and caresses her.
Afterward, she lays in his arms wishing that the circumstances were different.  She would give anything to not have to do what she does next…

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