Friday, December 16, 2011

Archolia Chapter 100 - The Bard

 Amelia  has all of the inspiration she needs.  Now she has to complete her poem.
 Amelia is not ashamed of what she has to do next, but she’s nervous about trying to pull it off.  A goblet or two of wine helps to relax her. 
 This is not the first time she has had to seduce a man in order to get something accomplished, but the Rat King is a lot more dangerous than other men she’s had to deal with.
 Amelia goes to her scribe table and begins writing her poem. 
 She wants the Rat King to believe that she is willing to give up anything, just to be around him.
 Amelia writes the last few lines…
 …and she is ready to face the leader of one of the toughest gangs in Aarbyville.
 Amelia leaves the tavern to look for the Rat King and his gang.
 She does not have to look far.  The Rat King and his gang are standing at the town square right in front of the tavern.
 Amelia walks up to him and bows down before him.  “I submit myself to you,” she says.
 “Pledging your loyalty already?  Smart girl, you may stand.”
 “I can see that you are a wise powerful man.  If you aim to take over this kingdom, I want to be on your side.”
 Amelia continues, “Will you accept me as a member of your group?”
 “Your devotion has yet to be proven.  I cannot allow you to be a part of my group, when I know not where your loyalty lies.”
 “I admire you.  I am willing to pledge myself to you.  Is that not enough?”
 “I will not be blinded by your pretty face.  You must do more to prove that you will not betray me.”
 Amelia pulls out her poem and begins reciting, 

“I have witnessed your strength and your leadership,
But it is a foreign concept to me…”
 “I long to know what goes through your mind,
What it is such a wise man sees.”
 “I hear you speak and my heart beats,
To the iambic rhythm of your voice,”
 “I tried not to fall for you,
But I am connected to your soul - I had no choice.”

 “You ask me to prove my loyalty, I pray to the Watcher that this is a start,”
 “For I shall turn my back on this land, my home, my job,
 I am bearing to you my heart.”
 The Rat King stares for a few moments before responding, “You hear that you imbeciles?  Now that is a true pledge.”  He sounds very impressed.
 Amelia immediately bows again, “How might I serve thee?”  The Rat King is filled with pride having this beautiful woman bowing at  his feet.
 “Stand!  You have proven where your heart lies!”

“Oh I thank thee!”  Amelia says laying it on thick.
 “We need provisions!  You are to go to the village and deliver to us boar’s meat and cheese.  Our camp is in the forest clearing…meet us there.”

“Yes your majesty,” Amelia answers.
The Rat Kings walks away satisfied, while Amelia stands back practically sick to her stomach.

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