Sunday, October 9, 2011

Archolia Chapter 89 - The Monarch & Physician

Chalyela stands and screams in pain.  “Not now!”  She says between two contractions. Ivan is away on sea patrol and will not be back until late. He will miss the birth of his child.
Susanna the guard rushes into the room.  “What it is M’Lady?”  She asks out of breath.
Before she can answer, another contractions threaten to rip Chalyela apart…at least it feels like it.  Chalyela’s response is a blood curdling scream!
Justinian the Servant rushes in next to check on her.
Another wave of contractions hit and Chalyela can feel the baby coming.
Before long, Princess Adela is born.
Chalyela inspects her, happy that she is healthy and strong.
Chalyela nurses her new baby girl, wishing that Ivan was there with her.
Chalyela places Adela in her crib.
Moments later, she cannot resist picking her up again.
Chalyela pulls her close and breathes in her sweet new baby smell.  She is instantly in love.
Chalyela cradles Adela and sings a soft lullaby.
“M’Lady!  I came as soon as I could!”
“I have healed all of the patients.  We did it!  I just came from the tavern and the plague scare is the only thing the villagers are talking about.”
“Thank you Gavin.  You shall be well rewarded…now I am pleased to introduce you to Princess Adela!”  Chalyela announces.
Gavin inspects the queen and Princess Adela.  Satisfied that they are in great health, he leaves them in privacy.  For one tiny moment, sadness creeps into his emotions as he recalls  he and the queen’s brief moments together while they were courting.  Chalyela’s mind seems to wander to the same moment in time.
But even those moments cannot compare to what he has shared with Jolene.  It only gets better when he returns to the clinic and finds that she has successfully given birth to their own child.
Jolene is happy that Gavin has returned.  The birth was difficult and she has exhausted all of her energy.
Gavin approaches the crib and lifts out his baby.  He pulls back the burlap and discovers that he has a son.
“His name is Godfrey, just as we decided,” Jolene announces.
Jolene goes upstairs to rest. Gavin lifts his son high.  “Godfrey…” he repeats.  For a moment he thinks back to his first marriage and the sons that he lost to sickness.  He feels blessed that the Watcher has allowed him a second chance.  He will never let anything happen to his son. 
Now that this whole scandal thing has blown over, Chalyela cannot wait to have her Royal Advisor back.  She goes at once to the messenger post to send her a message.
“Please return at once!”  She scribbled on the small scroll before attaching it to the pigeon.
Chalyela watches the pigeon until it disappears over the castle.  She does not know what will happen to Kenna and her lover.  She prays that the Watcher will keep them safe.
Suddenly Ivan appears behind her.  Her smile threatens to drown out the rest of her face.  
“We have a daughter!”  Chalyela announces grabbing Ivan’s hand.
Chalyela continues, “And she is absolutely gorgeous!” 

“Just like her mother,” Ivan says. 

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