Friday, September 23, 2011

Archolia Chapter 85 - The Monarch & Physician

With her pregnancy confirmed; knowing that she is in the best of health, Chalyela leaves the clinic and goes to find Ivan. 
Now that she knows that Gavin is once again her friend, Chalyela feels complete and cannot wait to tell Ivan that they have a child on the way. 
Jolene is reorganizing the archives when Gavin approaches her.  He knows that if he is going to help the queen with this plan, he will need his wife’s support.
Initially, Jolene is not very thrilled about the idea of deceiving the people of Archolia.  “I do not know if this is something that could be pulled off effectively,” she says voicing her reservations.
“It would not be very hard to convince them.  I could give a few people an injection of a minor easy to treat virus, tell them it is the plague and their imaginations would do the rest for us.”
He sees the doubt in her eyes. “I will not do this without your support.  Please believe that I could pull this off.”
“I have no doubt that you can, but I do not like the idea of you lying to your patients.  However, I know that it is for the greater good, so you have my full support!”
Gavin is grateful that Jolene believes in him.  He just prays that she does not lose respect for him as he does what he has to do.
Chalyela slowly makes her way across the kingdom.  She can already feel the weight of the baby weighing her down.
She just prays that Gavin’s plan works.  She cannot imagine what it would be like for her new baby to be born during a time of ill feelings between Archolia and Tredony.
Again, Ivan is in the forest clearing completing his patrol duty.  “What is it my love?”  He says when he sees her with a gloomy look on her face.
“I feel all plump around my middle,” she says with faux sadness in her voice.

Ivan looks down surprised at Chalyela’s full belly. 
Unbelieving, he places his hand there.
“I cannot believe it!”  Ivan says.

“We did it!  We are having a baby,” Chalyela says as if Ivan has not already figured it out.
“You should be resting, not walking around trying to locate me,” Ivan says, suddenly very concerned for Chalyela’s health.
“I wish I could, but I still have to deal with this potential scandal.  Surgeon Gavin is helping me with a solution.”
Ivan is not very happy to hear that Chalyela went to Gavin instead of him, but he does not want to upset her.  “Oh…good,” Ivan says trying to sound at ease, but his voice reveals his displeasure.

Chalyela picks up on his change in tone.
“Are you not ok with him helping me?”

Ivan pushes his selfish feelings to the side, “I know that he has been your friend for a long time,  if he can help you end this scandal, than I am nothing but happy.” 
“Well, while I was there, he said that I am in perfect health and that we should have a very healthy baby.”

Ivan finds this news to be a lot more pleasing. 
“I am so happy to hear that my beautiful queen!”
Ivan and Chalyela kiss.
“Now please, go and rest.  I pray that this scandal blows over quickly.”

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