Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Archolia Chapter 83 - The Monarch & Physician

Chalyela wakes feeling slightly nauseous.
She dresses and rubs her face with warm water, hoping that she feels better.
Chalyela notices that her dress is fitting a bit snug this morning.  She is forced to adjust her belt to make it fit.  Suddenly it occurs to her that she may be expecting.
Justinian the Servant prepares a warm rabbit stew.  It more than satisfies Chalyela’s hunger…
…but, does not agree with Chalyela’s stomach.  Living with a weak constitution all of her life, Chalyela is used to food not agreeing with her. 
This morning, she cannot help but think that it might be for a totally different reason.
Once her stomach has settled a bit, Chalyela walks quickly to town square.  She wants to know exactly what rumors are being spread from the source himself.
Chalyela spots the gossiper being overly friendly with his rumors in town square.  She approaches him. “Greetings M’Lady,” he greets her.

Chalyela nods her head in acknowledgement of his greeting.  “What was that you were just telling that gentleman there?”
“Oh!  You mean about the daughter of the Tredony dignitary?  I heard that she has been sneaking around with someone from your court.  That is the juiciest news around!”
Chalyela plays along with the gossiping villager.  “Really?  Do you know who she is sneaking around with?”  She says hoping to learn the extent of knowledge that this rumor has behind it.
“Well…not quite.  Only that it is someone that her father would never approve of.”
Chalyela is alarmed.  It would not be long before the whole truth gets out.  With her advisor being away, Chalyela is almost at a loss of who to turn to for advice on what to do.  Suddenly she thinks of someone whose opinion she values greatly, Surgeon Gavin. She just hopes that he would be willing to help her…
At the clinic, Gavin and his wife Jolene share a few intimate moments between patients. “You make me so happy!” Gavin says.
“It is I who is the happiest.  You have been so good to me.”
“We have been good to and for each other!” Gavin says kissing his wife passionately.

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