Thursday, September 1, 2011

Archolia Chapter 79 - The Merchant & Knight

Percival is walking toward the village when he spots Ivan coming his way. 
“Here is your wedding garment and your rings.”
“I guess I should go and get dressed then.  I will meet you at the banquet hall.”
Ivan has not known Percival long, but he still wants to do something special for the wedding.  He tries to think of something kind that he can do.
Ivan walks to the castle.  He will make a feast ale for the wedding as a gift to the bride and groom.
Ivan is happy to see that Felicia is at the banquet hall when he arrives.  “Hello Huntswoman Felicia.  Percival has asked me to be his best man.  Here are your wedding garments.”

“Thank you!  You are too kind,” Felicia  says with much appreciation.
Felicia changes into her wedding clothes.  Ivan cannot wait to see his own bride-to-be in her wedding gear.
Percival changes his clothes and walks to the castle’s banquet hall.  He can hardly believe he will have a new bride by the end of the night.
Percival finds Felicia in the banquet hall kitchen.  “Are we really going to do this now?”  She asks, slightly nervous.
Percival calms her nerves with a kiss. 
Their priest has been delayed, so Ivan and Felicia spend this extra time becoming familiar with one another. 
Percival serenades his bride to be.  She is pleased that he is making such an effort to help her to feel at ease.
Ivan begins brewing the ale as guests begin to arrive.
Felicia holds Percival in a firm hug, “Oh I am so nervous!”  She says in an exasperated voice. 

“Are you having second thoughts?” Percival whispers.

“No,  I believe that you can make me quite happy,”  she admits.
“Ah the queen is here!”  Percival says surprised that the queen would show up.
The queen’s presence makes Felicia even more nervous.
Ivan grabs a bite to eat from the kitchen.  In all of his effort to help Percival with his wedding, he forgot to eat.
“I am so glad that you have accepted my offer of marriage.  I believe that this is the beginning of a beautiful life together,” Percival says in a attempt to put Felicia at ease.
The jester begins to play, the crowd gathers to dance and the priest finally arrives.
Percival and Felicia join hands.
The priest begins, “Wilt you Percival have this woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together under the Watcher’s ordinance in the state of matrimony?”

“I will,” I van says placing the ring on Felicia’s finger.
The priest turns to Felicia, “Wilt you Felicia have this man to be thy wedded husband, to live together under the Watcher’s ordinance in the state of matrimony?”
“I will!” Felicia answers, surprised by the tears in her eyes; realizing that she actually has love in her heart for Percival.  She places the ring on his finger.
“You are now man and wife!”  The priest announces.  Percival and Felicia kiss.
Ivan plays his part as best man and offers Felicia a goblet of ale.
He then finds Percival in the kitchen.  He also gives him a goblet of ale.  “Thank you Ivan for your kindness.  Without you, this would not have been possible!”
Although Percival and Felicia did not begin their relationship based on love, it was still a very beautiful ceremony.  Ivan cannot wait until he gets an opportunity to vow his love to Chalyela.
Felicia and Percival share a passionate kiss in the banquet hall kitchen.
Ivan finds Chalyela in her throne room.   
He embraces her into a long kiss. 
“I do not want to delay our wedding plans any longer!”  He announces.

“Neither do I,” Chalyela answers.

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