Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Archolia Chapter 75 - The Merchant & Knight

Percival is feeling hungry as usual.  He hopes that Felicia is a good cook, because he really enjoys eating.  He leaves town square and heads to his modest home.
Looking around his home, he looks forward to Felicia adding a woman’s touch.  His furnishings are plain and his walls are bare.
He would also like an updated cooking area.  A large guy like him needs more than just stew to keep him satisfied.
Luckily, he has always been a natural cook and can even make gruel taste like a gourmet meal.
Percival sits and eats his stew. He is anxious to open his stalls for business.  He has great items in stock that he is sure will sell quickly.
Felicia is out next to one of his stalls when he goes outside.  “Well hello again,” he says hoping that this is a sign that she will really consider his offer of marriage.
Hi Percival,” she says  with a smile.  “I had a question.  I know not of your religious preferences.  Are you of the Peteran faith?”
“I have never considered myself much of a religious man-” Percival begins, but stops talking when he sees the disappointment on Felicia’s face.

“I will seek out the priest and convert at once!” He assures her.

“Good.  I could never consider marrying a man that is not of faith.” 
Felicia goes about her business and Percival busies himself in buttering up his customers.  “Is there anything I can help you with?”
“I was looking at your selection of food, but you do not have what I am looking for.”

“Rest assured that if you need it, I can get it.  In meantime, can I interest you in some fresh baked bread or some wheat so that you may make your own?”
“Sounds good, but I was really looking for fish.”

“No problem, buy the bread today and I will have fish to go with it by tomorrow,”  Percival says, succeeding in making the sale.
“What can I get you?” Percival asks his next customer. 

“I noticed that you had a pretty vase over on your stall.”
Aye, I guarantee that it tis hand made and will look great in your home.  And I will sell it to you below the price in the village,” he continues.
The customer agrees to purchase the vase.  Percival wraps it up and hands it to her.  “There you are, guaranteed to make your fresh cut flowers look even prettier.”
Percival spots Prioress Ermine and decides that now is a great time to approach her about converting to the Peteran faith.  “Greetings good sister.  May I burden you for a moment?”
He continues, “You see, I am due to marry a beautiful woman who happens to be of the Peteran faith and I must be converted at once if she is to marry me.”
“Have you heard the Watcher’s call?” Ermine asks.

“Uh…” Percival says trying to decide whether to be truthful or lie.  “Aye, aye…of course sister,” he lies.
“Please pray with me,” Ermine directs before lifting her hands in prayer.

Percival tries, but he feels nothing.  Maybe I am just out of the Watcher’s reach, he says  in his mind while Ermine is praying.
Ermine leaves and Percival continues making sale after sale.
As evening approaches, he closes up shop.  If he plans on marrying in soon, he must take care of a bit of business.

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